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Dr. Lisa Prusinski and Dr. Mark Vellan

Patient Testimonials

Spine Align Chiropractic Center provides excellent care in a professional and friendly environment. All patients are treated with respect and empathy.

L. Mary-Ann

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I crawled into Spine Align back in February of 2006 with very bad muscle spasms in my low back. Drs. Lisa and Mark have helped me get back on my feet and back to work. I have been coming roughly once per week and find the treatment is very good and helpful and I urge you to come to Spine Align and check the office out if you have chronic back pain.

L. H. 2-14

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I have been receiving treatment from Spine Align for over ten years for a number of different issues. There was an auto accident and a couple of falls. The treatment has helped me tremendously. It is great to be able to include what are normal activities to others. It has overall made me feel much better. I would refer anyone to Spine Align for chiropractic care and have. As a matter of fact, I am waiting for a family member who came in for his first visit today!

A.B 2-11

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I had TMJ issues for over a year and a half. The muscles in my jaw were very tight and I could hardly open my mouth. It was hard to chew tough or hard foods such as meat or pretzels. I had tried a mouth guard to stop grinding my teeth at night, physical therapy, muscle relaxants, and massage.

Nothing was working until I came to Spine Align in Greenville, NC where they did a combination of treatments targeted at the tight muscles and surrounding muscles. Through manipulation, adjustments and combo therapy, I saw and improvement and in just a few weeks the muscles were looser, the pain was diminished and I could eat better and I was sleeping well.

I come now for maintenance visits. I have no pain and no problems. I love it!


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I started going to Spine Align several years ago. My back was killing me. They fixed me up, and helped with a program for long term improvement. I never thought I would have back problems but, their therapies are great. When I leave the office, I feel like a new man. Recently, I had shoulder problems and they helped with that too. They are great. They and their staff are a joy to deal with.

J. Moore

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My first encounter with a Chiropractor was at the tender age of six, thanks to my smart mom. It seemed that my 'seasonal' allergies were over-lapping and my system was turning into one large antibiotic, that wasn't working.

In the ensuing decade there were many Chiropractors in my life; some great and some that should have sold shoes. My problems were not of the nature that could be cured, only made to be lived with easier. They were the results of car wrecks, broken bones, surgeries and just plain clumsy accidents. My neck and shoulder area ached like an infected tooth and my back felt like it should have belonged to someone else. The pain was to the point that it was impeding my day and I dreaded to see the sun come up; knowing I would have to get up too.

Four years ago was my first visit at SPINE ALIGN and when the appointment was over and the door closed behind me, I knew that this was my new and permanent Chiropractic home. All my old pains came with me plus a few new ones and Dr. Prusinski gave me hope; then proceeded to produce results. No she did not cure the problems but with her knowledge and skill my life, for the most part is back on my terms. She, Dr. Vellan and the entire staff make you feel like a person and not a number or an appointment time. The human spirit is an important part of the healing equation.

If you've never tried chiropractic treatment, be brave and go for it. The friends at SPINE ALIGN will be honest with you and let you know if they think they can help or not.

My name is Janet; I'm 67 years old and would trust these people with my grandchildren.

J. Stanton

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I have been a patient at Spine Align since 1997. I was in a car accident in 1996. Had it not been for Spine Align and the Chiropractic care that I received there I would live with continual pain. This is my favorite doctor's office because I am always welcomed by a warm and friendly staff that make me feel like family. Dr. Mark is always smiling and treats me like his "only" patient. After a few treatments, I feel much better and my pain is controlled. I definitely believe in chiropractic care and recommend Spine Align to anyone who is suffering with back and neck pain. Also, adjustments on my sinus area really work! Thank you Spine Align for caring about your patients!

B. C.

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