Common Auto Accident Injuries

Common Auto Accident Injuries

If you were recently involved in a vehicular accident and you sustained an injury as a result of this occurrence, finding treatment to alleviate pain and discomfort becomes necessary. Many people find that chiropractic treatment provided by our chiropractor at Spine Align Chiropractic Center in Greenville works well at remedying a variety of ailments that occur as a result of an auto accident. Here is some information about common injuries that happen as a result of a car accident and how auto accident injury treatments are administered.

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Neck Injuries

One of the main injuries that people suffer from after an auto accident is neck pain. This is because the body is often jolted forward and then backward very quickly when impact with another vehicle or an object occurs. Your seatbelt will help to keep your body from flying out of your seat, but your head is not supported as securely. Whiplash can cause pain to happen days or even weeks after an auto accident, so it is important to be aware of the possibility to you can retain treatment as needed. Our chiropractor will provide spinal adjustments to help reduce stress on joints in the body to help reduce neck pain. This may be done along with gentle massage or exercise.

Back Pain

It is possible to suffer from lower back pain after a vehicular accident. This type of condition is usually alleviated with spinal adjustments, temperature therapy, physical therapy, or exercise regimens. When healing from lower back pain, it is best to use a lumbar support pillow to help stabilize your back when need to remain in a seated position. Avoid heavy lifting and twisting your body as this could cause back pain to worsen. Applying warm temperature to the affected area often brings about immediate relief. It is best to make an appointment with our chiropractor for an assessment so a treatment plan can be devised to strengthen back muscles effectively.


Like neck pain, headaches may not happen immediately after a car accident happens. You may realize you are experiencing migraine or headache pain a few days or weeks after your incident took place. Our chiropractor will determine whether your pain is caused by other injuries you are dealing with, or if a medical doctor is required to do an assessment. Headaches and migraines can also be treated with routine chiropractic care. This includes adjustments of the spine and light exercises.

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