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Are You Running the Right Way?

In the past couple weeks we have seen a spike in degrees outside, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been itching to get active! As the temperature has gone up, the amount of loyal runners and joggers has surely spiked up as well, soaking up the sunshine while it lasts. If you’re one of the lucky ones who can stand the allergies that come along with this premature spring weather, running around outside might be on your to do list. To keep you in tip top running shape, here are a few words from the wise to help keep you running for many years to come.

Injuries from Running

Running, like any sport, comes with its natural injuries. Spanning their lifetime, a runner will encounter anything from plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, knee pain, shin splints, hip pain, or lower back pain – just to name a few. Surely sometimes those injuries feel heavier than the miles you cross on the open road, and can begin to weigh in on your mental and physical health. So, what can you do to stay on the road as long as you can?

Running the Right Way

Perhaps the biggest misconception with running is that anyone can do it anyway they want - it is only natural to put one foot in front of the other, right?  Wrong; and this is the way people injure themselves.  Here are five recommendations for proper running.

1. Warm up first – Get your heart rate up a bit before you tackle the actual run by walking or doing some lunges.

2. Stretch and strengthen your muscles –  Almost everyone can benefit from stretching the soft tissues - the muscles, ligaments and tendons - in the back, legs, buttock, and around the spine.  After you’re warm, stretch those muscles and hit the racks a bit. Weight training is so important to your overall health, and can do a lot more than tone your muscles. Stronger muscles increase endurance and speed as well.  

3. Run with good posture – If you’ve ever seen a runner climbing hills and terrain while hunched over and shuffling, you have an idea of how it may not be the best for their spine or limbs. When posture has faltered that far, you’ve surpassed your limit.

4. Cool down – Slow down the pace after your run and allow your body time to get its heart rate back down. You want your breath back to normal so as not to shock your body.

5. Splurge on shoes – Shoes are the chariots of running, so if you skimp, your body will know. Make sure to spend your money wisely on getting shoes with great support and traction for your runs.

How Chiropractic Helps Runners

Of course the best injury prevention is taking care of yourself while you’re healthy. Proper joint motion and biomechanics, or in-line movement of the skeletal system, will help you stay injury-free. Chiropractic adjustments rejuvenate joint motions and monumentally decrease your chances of injury. Also, the nervous system can be affected by chiropractic adjustments, which can let runners enjoy many benefits, such as:

Quickened reaction time

Better balance

Increased accuracy

Stronger muscles

Improved coordination

To the runners who want to keep enjoying those miles out on the road and wandering this wonderful earth without injury, perhaps it’s a good idea to visit Spine Align for regular adjustments leading to optimal body functioning. Visit us today, and we’ll help you keep running.

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