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How Chiropractors Help in the Cold Months

Call Your Chiropractor When You Get Cold!

You may not enjoy picking the ice off your car, shoveling your sidewalk, and bundling up with blankets in attempts to stay warm; you may be hopelessly dreaming about the warm North Carolina summer sun. Whatever your disposition about the winter months, we are in the dead of winter, and that means a few things for your health.

Colder Weather Means More Pain

It’s no secret that colder weather equates to stiff, uncomfortable joints. If you have pain already, the pressure changes that coincide with the cold can make your everyday activities unbearable. It’s important to know you are not alone, and chiropractic assistance may be the answer for you. A chiropractor here at Spine Align can help you get your spine straightened and alleviate stiffness, giving you a more flexible body in defense against that chronic pain. We can help with chronic pain all the time, but especially in these cold winter months when you so crave a healthy dose of comfort.

Weight Gain Can Increase Pain

When it’s cold, all we want to do is stay indoors and hibernate. We tend to eat the same amount (or more), and that means perhaps gaining a little weight. Of course, the added weight puts more stress on your joints.

Although chiropractors can’t control your weight, we do help alleviate stress on your spine to keep it straightened the correct way. This will allow your body to take on more heat and pressure, therefore helping you get through the cold months and extra pounds in the most comfortable way possible.

Cold Weather Encourages an Inactive Lifestyle

North Carolina sits in a spot with moderate weather, where the average annual temperature is sixty degrees. Most of the year excluding the winter months, North Carolinians are proud to hike, bike, walk on the beach, and explore our beautiful landscapes under our sunny skies. However, when the temperature and sun go down, we naturally head indoors. What this means is we spend plenty of time watching our televisions and sitting on our couches. What does this mean for our backs and our health in general? Spinal discomfort and inflexible joints plague our bodies. Chiropractic care can help alleviate these discomforts.

Visit Spine Align to experience for yourself how we can make strides in your joint and spinal health!


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